Mountain West Container Services

Thank you for your interest in driving for Mountain West.  We are a 100% Owner-Operator fleet.  However, we do have Owner Opeartor's with multiple trucks looking for drivers.

Below are the requirements to qualify in either situation.

Minimum Owner Operator Requirements:

1. Minimum of 2 years driving experience- class 8.

2. No DUI's in a tractor\trailer.

3. No DUI's in an auto in the last 3 years.

4. No more than 2 moving violations in a year.- and not to exceed 5 moving violations in 3 years.

5. No violations for possession of a controlled substance. (alcohol, drugs)

     A. No violations in a tractor\trailer.

     B. No violations in an auto in the last 3 years.

6. No felony conviction (unless waiver is obtained)

7. Clean presentable appearance.

8. Good attitude, cooperative, loyal.

9. Must be able to pass DOT related qualifications:

     A. Road test.  B. Written test.  C. Physical- Current physical and long form. D. Drug screen. 

If you meet the requirements, proceed to the following link, and progress through the following steps:

1. Click on Driver Application

2. Fill out ALL applicable information

3. Affix a copy of your electronic signature at the bottom where it reads, "TO BE READ AND SIGNED BY APPLICANT," and date the application as the date you SEND IT IN to Mountain West. 

4. Save the application to your computer, attach it to an email and send it in to DO NOT SEND TO NTSG.

We will treat your application with fairness and be in contact with you! 

Once again we express our appreciation for your interest in driving for Mountain West.