Mountain West Container Services

E-TERM™ Fact Sheet Features 

•Gate operations

• Yard planning and  management

• Rail/vessel support

• Equipment inspections & Interchange provided

• Container inventory management and planning 

• Bookings/updates with terminal and carrier access 

• Management reports and billing support 

• EDI to clients

• User-configurable system management and



eTERM™ provides depot management improvements and efficiencies that improve productivity and raise throughput – the key to success for any depot operation.

eTERM™ is the market-leading web based depot management system that provides full functionality with the speed and accessibility of the Internet at a fraction of the cost of installed terminal systems.

eTERM™ is designed for small- to medium-sized inland depots, container yards and marine/barge terminals. However, the system is robust and flexible enough to scale to meet the requirements of larger facilities.


eTERM™ operates on a central server, offering users remote access from anywhere in the world. The system employs an adaptable Inventory Management model, combining the simplest of In/Out functions with the ability to support detailed planning.


eTERM™ integrates information from terminals, ocean carriers and truckers, allowing visibility of container moves from the dock through the gate.

System Architecture 

• Microsoft Server Platform 

• Internet Information Server (IIS) 

• SQL Server 2000 DBMS 

• Seagate Crystal Reports 9 

• ANSI/EDIFACT/Integrated EDI translator